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Overall performance  
Equipment type Fully automatic, discrete, STAT priority, Random Access
Analysis rate 300T/H for photometry tests only, 300T/H for only ISE tests
Test principle Colorimetry, turbidimetry, ISE
Analysis method End-point, kinetics, fixed-time, etc.support single/double wavelength 
  and 1-2 multiple reagent item, linear and non-linear calibration
Simultaneous analysis item 66 colorimetric items and 3 ISE items (K, Na, Cl optional)
Optical system  
Light source 20W/12V halogen lamps. Life is 2000 hours
Monochromator Grating Photometry
Photoelectron road after spectrophotometry
Wavelength 340nm,380nm,405nm,450nm, 480nm, 505nm,546nm, 570nm,600nm,660nm, 700nm, 750nm, 800nm
Detector photodiode LED array
OD linear range 0  3.3 Abs
Volume 1060mmx790mmx1150mm
Weight 230Kg
Power supply voltage AC 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz, power 1,5KVA
Peak water consumption ≤25L/H

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