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Sipariş No: ORG-300


Alegria® - The Future of Life

The random access analyser Alegria®, based on SMC® Technology developed by ORGENTEC Diagnostika, represents a new dimension in the field of autoimmune diagnostics. It provides a fully automated process for the detection of autoantibodies with a degree of flexibility never before available.

With this system the user is able to conduct special diagnostic procedures tailored to the requirements of his facility. Each patient sample may be handled as an individual test and requires only minimal effort. This frees up new resources to benefit the patient.

This latest development, produced in close cooperation with specialists both in Germany and abroad, is another milestone in the long history of successes by ORGENTEC Diagnostika, and its high quality allows it to fit seamlessly into the existing product line.
Overview of the system's most important advantages:

  • fully automatic analytical system
  • random access: unrestricted sample selection, individual test parameters
  • SMC® Technology - Sensotronic Memorized Calibration
  • stable and reproducible test conditions guaranteed by a temperature-controlled incubation unit
  • over 70 test systems available
  • each test run may include up to 30 patients with individual results delivered in only 90 minutes
  • each result is validated by its own standard


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